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Tips on Buying the Right 3D TV for Your Home Theater System

3D TV is the future of HDTV and home entertainment with a stunning three-dimensional realism in the latest Plasma TV. Because the new mode of entertainment may be a bit expensive, so you have to make sure that you are purchasing the right one. Think about your needs and your budget. Make sure that the television you buy is one that will fit your needs and that you are not going to regret buying it.

Since you want to be sure to buy the right one, it is important for you to take a look at some of these criteria before buying a 3D TV for your home theater system.

The first thing you should consider is the budget for the overall unit cost. Simply buying a 3D TV does not allow viewing in 3D, as additional equipment required. Active shutter glasses, or passive polarized glasses, are required to experience the 3D effect, not to mention a 3D compatible Blu-Ray player. Therefore, you need to determine a budget for total cost of the experience as those components can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of the 3D transition.

One of the easiest techniques used in stretching the budget for purchasing a 3D TV is to buy the components separately. While a 3D television can be quite expensive, a 3D capable Blu-Ray player can be purchased and used with a regular HDTV. Moreover, 3D enabled discs can also be stockpiled in anticipation of the switch, just as compatible glasses, it can be purchased when prices are favorable. Basically, the initial costs can be offset by slowing acquire the equipment necessary for the best possible 3D experience.

Another important criteria to consider is the size of the television. How big your 3D TV will depend on your budget and your room size. If you are looking for a complete movie theater experience, then you may take a look for a large screen television, but that could cost you more money. It is also necessary to consider the size of the television room. Ideally, the best viewing distance for today’s HDTV is from about 1.5 to 3 times the screen size. Always measure the available space to find out what size the television you should buy before you go out and purchase it.

Connectivity is another important consideration when buying a 3D TV. Research the number of HDMI ports, A/V connectors, and USB port that are included with the TV. Is there an SD card slot? Look into what specs the TV provides, like whether if it can connect to a local wireless network. This will allow you to surf the web and access other important information from the comfort of your living room room.

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