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Things To Consider When Choosing Speaker Wire For Your Home Theater System

Choosing the right speaker wire can have a noticeable impact on the sound quality of your home theater system. However, due to the variety of speaker wire available on the market, it is not easy to find the right one. The following will explain some key criteria that you should consider when choosing speaker wire for your home theater system.

  • Wire gauge
    Wire gauge is a measurement of how big a wire is. The lower the gauge of wire the thicker it will be and the better its capacity to pass the amplified audio signal through the speaker wiring conductor. Generally, speaker wire ranges from 12 to 16 gauge.

    For home theater uses, it is worth considering thicker gauge wires as it can help you achieve good sound quality and as the thicker wire handles the electrical signal much better. It reduce the resistance of the cable and therefore puts less strain on your amplifier or receiver thus giving longer life to your amplifier component and providing a better sound quality.

  • Wire types
    There are several different types of speaker cable. It is important to note that when running speaker cables on the wall, make sure that you’re using wall rated speaker wire. If you do not want to route your wires through the wall, you can use standard speaker cable. Paintable speaker wire will blend with your decor for a cleaner look and keep the wires hidden.
  • Wire connectors
    Speaker wire connectors is another thing to consider when choosing a speaker wire. For good connections, using speaker wire terminated with connectors instead of using stripped bare wire ends. Bare wires may seem like the simplest route, but they can unravel and fray, potentially causing a short circuit. A better option is the binding post terminals. Binding post terminal allow for a more secure connection by screwing down over spade connectors or accepting banana plugs. Banana plugs are comfortable and easy to connect, it gives you a more solid connection.

    There are many connectors types available. Take a look at the connection options and choose what works best for your home theater system.

  • Price
    After figuring out the type and connector of your speaker wire that fit to your theater room, make sure to find the most affordable ones. If your speakers are relatively close to your receiver, standard 16 gauge wire may be the way to go. In addition to being less expensive, thinner wire can be easier to work with if you are routing at the edge or door frames.
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