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How to Connect Speakers to Your Home Theater Receiver

Once you’ve bought your new speaker, you might be interested in knowing how to connect the speaker to your home theater receiver. Connecting the speakers to the receiver is simple because there are only two wires; red and black, or plus and minus. However, there is still a chance of getting it wrong, which can seriously affect your system performance, so follow this guide carefully to make sure the connection is correct.

  1. The first thing to do before connecting the speakers to the receiver is to determine the location of your speakers. It’s important to do because the distance between the speakers and the receiver will determine what gauge cable you’ll use. Most home theater will use 14 gauge cables.
  2. Once you’ve determined the position of your speakers. Now it’s the time to connect the speakers to the receiver. Turn off the power to all the equipment you’re working with. It’s important to do this before connecting the cables.
  3. Connect each speaker to the receiver using the cables. The positive terminal is usually red and black is usually negative. The speaker wires must be connected properly on both the receiver and speakers. For example, the positive terminal (red) on the speaker must be connected to the positive terminal on the receiver and the negative terminal (black) on the speaker connected to the negative terminal on the receiver. If one of these connections is reversed (ie. positive to negative, instead of positive to positive), it will not damage the components, but cause serious sound quality problems.
  4. Once done, plug all the devices into an electrical outlet and turn them on to fine tune the sound.
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